Talking with Rabbi Ted

--- Rabbi Ted Feldman ---

In this biweekly talk radio series from KPCA 103.3 Petaluma, Rabbi Ted Feldman of B'nai Israel Jewish Center discusses topics relevant to the Petaluma and greater Bay Area community and engages in conversations with other community leaders. From human rights to ecology to religion and spirituality, Talking with Rabbi Ted contains timely and insightful discussions that will edify and broaden listeners' horizons.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ordinary Women Taking Extraordinary Chances

    n the first segment, she’s a community organizer, whose passion is to serve our community’s most vulnerable. Meet Donna Waldman, Director and Co-founder of the Jewish Community Free Clinic in Santa Rosa. Her clinic operates 25 hours a week, and is manned by a dedicated workforce of doctors, nurses, translators and ...


  2. Let's Talk Petaluma

    Affordable Housing – a hot topic issue here in Petaluma. But can you define it? In the first segment, Ali Gaylord, Regional Director of MidPen Housing, says she can, and offers some number crunching to explain why her Foster City non-profit chose Petaluma, and how she believes MidPen can build 40 ...


  3. Frontlines

    In the first segment, she has worked for some of the most prestigious media agencies, including television, newspaper, and electronic news. Now News Editor for the Petaluma Argus-Courier, hear from Kathryn Palmer, who has a passion for both copy and humanitarian relief. Last year, this newsmaker volunteered for Anti-Trafficking H.O.P.E, assisting ...


  4. Without Diversity There is No Unity

    Did you know that out of the approximately 1,132 community colleges in the United States, Santa Rosa Junior College was named one of the nation’s “Top 50 Community Colleges for Hispanics?” Did you know that this junior college has initiated a new student housing development to provide affordable housing on for ...


  5. Blazing Trails

    In the first segment, no job is too great, too abstract or out of reach for Elece Hempel. In fact, the more challenging, the better. From operating her own kiln to raise money for a cause, to working one on one with those in need. Is there anything she cannot do? ...